Sowter professional audio transformersA transformer can virtually eliminate most types of noise generated when equipments are connected by preventing "ground loops". Balanced lines may be converted to unbalanced and vice versa. Signal voltage can be increased or reduced and unwanted loading effects can be removed by step up or down ratios. Mumetal cores ensure minimal distortion and a thick Mumetal can protects the transformer from hum fields. Multiple interleaved windings are used for high bandwidth and clean transient response. Faraday shields on most types ensure rejection of common mode noise. We offer a large range of products for recording, broadcasting, public address, instrumentation and equipment manufacturers as well as for replacement or maintenance.

We list our most popular types here but we have a design data base accumumated over the last 50 years and most of these can still be shipped within 3 weeks.

If you do not see what you need here please contact technical support or complete a custom design request form and we will be pleased identify an existing design or do a custom design at no extra charge.

Prices are for Mumetal cored transformers with Mumetal screening can and colour coded leads. Also available in other packages see Pro-package options. Grain oriented silicon iron (M6) cores used where indicated. Types indicated with an asterisk (*) do not have a screening can. PCB Pins instead of colour coded leads are available on most items.


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Description Application Ratio Max 50Hz Level dBu Package size
Quote/Buy 4600 High impedance bridging (10k/10k ohms) Low cost 1:1 +12.5 b
Quote/Buy 3293 General 1:1 +22 d
Quote/Buy 3575 General 1:1ct +26 e
Quote/Buy 3232 High level 1ct:1 +31 f
Quote/Buy 8920 Twin outputs 1:1+1 +26 f
Quote/Buy 4603 Low impedance input/output (600/600 ohms) Low cost 1:1 +3 b
Quote/Buy 3292 General 1ct:1 +10.5 d
Quote/Buy 3603 General 1:1ct +17 e
Quote/Buy 5069 High level 1:1 +25 f
Quote/Buy 3257 Split primary 0.5+0.5:1 +18.5 f
Quote/Buy 4652 High level Line output (600/600 ohms) High bandwidth 1:1:1:1 +34 j* (M6)
Quote/Buy 8403 High CMR 1+1:2 +34 j* (M6)
Quote/Buy 8751 Neve transistor amplifier 1:1.5 +31 B (M6,power)
Quote/Buy 9540 Microphone or 200 ohm line input Isolator 1:1 +10 e
Quote/Buy 3195 General 1ct:7 +4 d
Quote/Buy 4935 General 1ct:7 +12 e
Quote/Buy 9610 General 1ct:10 +12 e
Quote/Buy 9045 Recording 1+1:10 +18 j
Quote/Buy 9995 Condenser/tube op 5:1ct +38 j
Quote/Buy 3678 Tapped 50,200,600/5k 1:9/5/3 +11 d
Quote/Buy 9760 Ribbon 2 ohm 1:10 1:10 e
Quote/Buy 8074 0.25 ohm 1:40 1:40 c
Quote/Buy 9145 Step up/down 300+300/1.2k +1.2k 1+1:2+2 +16 e
Quote/Buy 4383 600/10k 1CT:4 +16 e
Quote/Buy 8754 30/600 1:4.5 -5 e
Quote/Buy 4079 2-way splitter / combiner transformers 200 ohm 1ct:1:1 +17 f
Quote/Buy 4297 200 ohm 1ct:1ct:1ct +17 f
Quote/Buy 8088 200 ohm 1ct:1ct:1 +10 e
Quote/Buy 4679 600 ohm 1:1:1 +21 f
Quote/Buy 4674 3-way 200 ohm 1ct:1:1:1 +15 h
Quote/Buy 9790 100V line monitor 100V/600ohm various 100V A
Quote/Buy 4243 Direct Injection 
(DI Box)
General 10ct:1 +34 e
Quote/Buy 8044 High noise 12:1 +29 d
Quote/Buy 8321 Hybrid Speech 1+1:1.4ct +10 d
Quote/Buy 8356 General 1+1:1.4ct +15 e
Quote/Buy 8379 Mid-Side to Stereo AB Decoder General 1+1:2ct +7 c
Quote/Buy 8392 Headphone 1:1:1 +20 e*(M6)
Quote/Buy 9570 Phono cart 3-100 ohms 1:10 +3 e
Quote/Buy 9545 DAC to Tube  Twin DACS 1+1:5+5   g