> SOWTER TYPE 9570 phono cartridge transformer SOWTER AUDIO TRANSFORMERS


High performance 1:10 Phono step up transformer fpr wide range of cartridge impedances

Sowter 9570 Frequency response

Typical response 8 Ohms source 100K Ohms load.



Available with and without Mumetal can. See here:

Sowter package styles



For matching a range of moving coil Phono cartridges to balanced or single sided solid state or valve pre-amplifier. Suitable for cartridges with a self impedance in the range 1 to 100 ohms. Ensures appropriate loading of the cartridge and correct matching to pre-amplifier. When used with a 100K ohm secondary load the cartridge will see a loading of 1000 ohms.  Lower secondary loads may be used if some damping is required. Ideal for use with high or medium output cartridges provided the output voltage and pre-amplifier gain is adequate for a 1:10 ratio. Two transformers are required for a stereo system. Replacement for type 6495 which is now obsolete. Click here for list of recommended cartridges


Mumetal (76%Nickel) laminated core for minimal harmonic distortion and exceptional bandwidth. 4 separate electrostatic screens for rejection of hum and noise in the cable connecting between the cartridge and transformer. Multiple interleaved windings ensuring exceptionally good bandwidth. The high bandwidth and very low phase shift ensures excellent transient response. Mumetal can for magnetic shielding. Available with various package options including an international octal plug.
RATIO 1:10
DISTORTION at 50 Hz (Source 6 ohms) 0.05%
TOTAL DCR (Referred to secondary) 1600 Ohms approx
FREQUENCY RESPONSE 8 ohm source 100 K ohm load +/- 1.0 dB 5 Hz to 100 kHz
INSERTION LOSS 100 KOhm load <2%
NOTE The cartridge should be connected to the White and Yellow leads. The amplifier should be connected to the Pink and Mauve leads. The Black (ground) lead is normally connected to the signal ground of the amplifier. You may need to experiment with different ground connection points to minimize hum.