EQ Inductor style E threaded grommetTapped EQ Inductor in Mumetal can

EQ Inductors for vintage audio recording gear

These inductors are packaged in a Mumetal can 34 mm dia. x 24 high.  Available with colour coded leads or PCB pins at a small additional charge.We will be pleased to design any inductors of this type for recreation or repair of the original equipment on request.

If you dont see your requirements here please use our CUSTOM EQ SERVICE

TYPE Equipment Ref Inductance Resistance
9312 Neve T1530  2/1.1/0.45H 85/59/35 Ohms
9325 Pultec EQP-1A 150/82/68/47/33/27 mH 18/12/11/9/8/7 Ohms
9325E Drip EPQ1A 150/82/68/47/33/27 mH 18/12/11/9/8/7 Ohms
9805 Neve T1230 2/1.2/0.7 H 100/135/185 Ohms
9810 Neve T1295 10/7/3/1.3 H 1000/800/490/310 Ohms
9815 Neve T1280 200/160/100/80/50mH 32/28/22/20/16 Ohms
9858 Pultec MEQ-5A
Gyraf ME5 mid cut
420/277/145/108/61/34 mH 42/32/22/19/14/10 Ohms
9930 Gyraf/Pultec  SRPP 269/169/69/22 mH 33/25/15/8 Ohms
9955 Gyraf/Pultec MEQ5 low boost 528/420/200/120 mH 76/66/43/33 Ohms