> Sowter type 9525

Sowter type 9525

Exceptional Bandwidth Configurable Interstage Transformer

Package size H
APPLICATION For driving single ended power output stages from a single ended driver stage.  Best performance is obtained when driven from a low impedance but a very good response is possible with up to 5k0 ohms.  Must be used in non-inverting mode. Maximum applied dc voltage primary to secondary should not exceed 300 V.
FEATURES High grade grain oriented silicon iron (M6) core for minimal losses and harmonic distortion.  Bifilar winding ensures minimal leakage inductance for an exceptional bandwidth.  As the interwinding capacitance is fairly high the polarity of the connection must be observed (non-inverting see circuit below).
Ratio Z ohms (nominal) Primary inductance I dc  DC Resistance either winding Bandwidth
(3 dB points)
1:1 20k:20k 50 H 50 mA 375 ohms 5Hz-110kHz
(3000 ohm source)
9525 conections
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