Sowter Type 8920

10k:10k+10k Input Phase Splitter Transformer. Two identical outputs

Coloured Leads 8920-F
Size f style F
APPLICATION combines the functions of a bridging input transformer and a highly accurate phase splitter for use in recording studio amplifiers using balanced transistor or valve circuits. Ideal for push-pull power amplifiers. Can be driven from a balanced or unbalanced source from low to high impedance (0 to 10k0 ohms). Provides high common mode noise isolation and the high input impedance means the amplifier will present minimal loading to the source.  A secondary Zobel network consisting of 47k Ohms in series with 150 pF across the two secondary windings in series may be use to adjust the resonance behaviour.  This may need to be varied depending on the actual input capacitance of the driven stage.
FEATURES Mumetal core for minimal harmonic distortion and exceptional bandwidth. Balanced two chamber winding and 4 separate electrostatic screens for the ultimate in rejection of hum and other types of noise from ground loops etc. The two chamber winding also ensures the two secondary windings are identical in resistance, capacitance and coupling factor resulting in almost perfect phase split drive to balanced amplifier even at high frequencies. Multiple interleaved windings ensuring exceptionally good bandwidth. High bandwidth and very low phase shift even at 5 Hz ensures excellent transient response. Mumetal can for magnetic shielding. A relatively large core ensures high level capability.
RATIO 1:1+1
FREQUENCY RESPONSE 10k0 Ohm source 20k0 + 20k0 ohm load - 3 dB 5 Hz and 50 kHz
DISTORTION 40 ohm source 20K+20K load 0.05% at +20 dBu 50 Hz
MAXIMUM LEVEL 0.5 % THD at 50 Hz (40 ohm source) +28 dBu (19 V)
Phase shift unbalance at 50 kHz <1.0 degree
DC Resistance (each winding) 1k3 ohms
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