Sowter Type 8650

High Impedance to 600 ohm Line Output Transformer

Coloured Leads 8650-A
PCB Pins 8650-B
Solder Tags 8650-X
APPLICATION For use in a high performance valve compressor/amplifier etc using either an ac coupled single ended or push-pull  output stage.  Can be used with a secondary load resistor e.g. 200 ohms will provide a constant reflected anode to anode load of 16000 ohms when the amplifier is feeding a high impedance load. This also lowers the effective output impedance of the amplifier and may be adjusted to define the amplifier gain.  When used with a push-pull output stage the quiescent dc anode currents must be balanced to within 0.5 mA.
FEATURES Combination core using High grade Grain Oriented Silicon Iron (M6) and Mumetal (76% Nickel). This provides a high level capability, exceptional bandwidth and transient response which is maintained over the full dynamic range. This core also permits the use of a relatively high ratio which ensures minimal loading of the anode and a low output impedance for driving lines or complex loads.
RATIO 9 : 1
MAXIMUM OUTPUT LEVEL 0.5 % THD at 50 Hz +28 dBu
Max dc current per anode 30 mA
Max unbalance current 500 uA
FREQUENCY RESPONSE 8K0 source 100 ohm load +/- 0.5 dB 10Hz to 70KHz
TOTAL DC RESISTANCE referred to secondary 13.5 ohms
EFFECTIVE OUTPUT IMPEDANCE (with 200 ohm secondary resistor) 100 ohms
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