Sowter type 8424

Configurable Tube Interstage Transformer

8424 dimensions 8424 frequency response
APPLICATION For driving power output stages. Two identical secondary windings are provided which may be used in parallel for maximum current or in series for maximum voltage drive to single ended output stages. The two windings may be used for independent drive of parallel single ended stages or used as a phase splitter for push-pull stages. Two primary windings which may be used in series or parallel to give two ratio options. Best performance is obtained when driven from a low impedance. A resistive load across the secondary may be helpful in damping the leakage resonance which can vary due the grid capacitance of the driven stage. 
FEATURES High grade grain oriented silicon iron (M6) core for minimal losses and harmonic distortion. Multi section winding for optimum frequency response. A two chamber bobbin is used for full capacitance and resistance balance in push-pull configuration.
Ratio Primary Z ohms (Nominal) L pry. H I dc mA Bandwidth 8424 connections
1+1:1+1 Series 20k : 20k 70 30 30Hz-30kHz
Parallel 5k : 5k+5k 18 60
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