How to get a quote for a custom designed pro audio transformer

This free design service is available to potential volume customers but we will consider requests from anybody if we think the transformer could be of general interest. Please use this form if you would like a quotation for a custom design transformer from our Pro-Audio range. Please note this technology is essentially low power particularly if a Mumetal core or screening can is required. Please provide as much information as possible. If you prefer to leave the choice of any parameters to our designer's judgment please indicate this but be sure to tell us about your application.

It is essential that we can understand the device driving the primary of transformer and the device loading the secondary of the transfromer (i.e. the source and load conditions in which the transformer has to operate). Statements such as "best possible" are acceptable. Sometimes we can suggest a specification if you can tell us about the application or provide a circuit diagram or sample for us to measure. We will contact you to discuss any queries.

Please use this form to send us your specification. We will E-Mail you with our price quotation including shipping cost etc. as soon as possible.  Please include your own reference such as T1 etc so that you can refer to it in the quotation request or if there are any questions.


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