Sowter Type 8940

Cathode Follower to 600 ohm Line Output Transformer

Coloured Leads 8940-A
PCB Pins 8940-B
Solder Tags 8940-X

Frequency response with 450 ohm source and 600 ohm load
APPLICATION For use in a high performance valve compressor/amplifier etc. Designed for use with a cathode follower or other low impedance source driving a nominal 600 ohm line. A good quality capacitor must be used to isolate the transformer from the dc voltage of the driving stage.
FEATURES Combination core using High grade Grain Oriented Silicon Iron (M6) and Mumetal (76% Nickel). This provides a high level capability, exceptional bandwidth and transient response which is maintained over the full dynamic range. Internal electrostatic shields to maximise output balance and noise immunity. The low insertion loss and step down ratio ensures a very low output impedance ideal for driving a long 600 ohm line or complex load with minimal loss of performance.
RATIO 3 : 1
MAXIMUM OUTPUT LEVEL 0.5 % THD at 50 Hz +28 dBu
FREQUENCY RESPONSE 450 ohm source 600 ohm load +/- 0.5 dB 10Hz to 120 kHz
TOTAL DC RESISTANCE referred to secondary 15 ohms
EFFECTIVE OUTPUT IMPEDANCE (with 450 ohm source) 65 ohms
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