> Sowter Type 1010 line output transformer. UTC A25 replacement

Sowter Type 1010

Exceptional bandwidth 15k to  600 ohm Line Output Transformer

Coloured Leads 1010-A
Solder Tags 1010-X
PCB Pins 1010-B

APPLICATION For use in a high performance valve compressor/amplifier etc. Designed for use with an ac coupled cathode follower or SRPP circuit  driving a nominal 600 ohm line.  No dc is permitted in the primary winding.

Repalcement for UTC type A24 with much improved performance as used in the Teletronix 1968 LA-2A.

FEATURES Combination core using High grade Grain Oriented Silicon Iron (M6) and Mumetal (76% Nickel). This provides minimal harmonic distortion, a high level capability, exceptional bandwidth and transient response which is maintained over a dynamic range of 100 dB or more. Mimimal low frequency phase shift. Low dc resistance ensures the possibility of a pre amp with a very low output impedance.
RATIO 5 : 1
MAXIMUM OUTPUT LEVEL 0.5 % THD at 50 Hz +30 dBu
FREQUENCY RESPONSE 2 kohm source 600 ohm load +/- 0.5 dB 5 Hz to 80 kHz typical
TOTAL DC RESISTANCE referred to secondary 30 ohms
SOWTER 1010 connections
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